Board meeting scheduled November 30 at 5:30 at Virtue arts 1829 Dean Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32216


Valor Academy of Leadership is a tuition-free public Charter Schools in Jacksonville, Florida. Starting in August 2014, Valor will offer 6th grade (middle school) and 9th grade (high school), adding a grade every year until offering full 6-8 middle and 9-12 high schools.

Valor is a single gender schools where our priority is producing the best and brightest graduates. We do this by equipping young men and women with a rigorous desire for continuous learning, self-motivation to positively impact their community. We strive to instill an insatiable vision in our scholars of what can be accomplished through their individual and collective, hard work, perseverance and preparation.

Our scholars will experience a strict, yet nurturing environment to prepare them for independence and moral citizenship. With a foundation built upon character development and single-gender instruction, we prepare our scholars to be SHARP: Self-aware, Humble, and Respectful and Persistent.

Valor Academy of Leadership

OPEN Enrollment for 6th and 9th grades

NOW accepting Enrollment Applications for grades 7, 8, & 10th grades (Limited seat availability)

Why Single Gender?

Single gender programs have delivered consistent and promising benefits for students:

Increased academic performance, particularly among low-income or minority students

  • Increased confidence in the ability of both genders to learn
  • Increased interest and participation by both males and females when amongst common gender peers
  • Ability for teachers to tailor materials and instruction to gender interests and developmental learning styles
  • Decreased distractions and pressure toconform to gender socialization.