Vision & Mission


The mission of PROFECTUS Learning Systems is to provide underserved students with a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that will prepare them for college, shape character, develop leadership skills and create independent thinkers.

 Vision & Educational Focus

With a major focus on character development and single gender instruction, PROFECTUS will prepare the youth of Northwest Jacksonville to be SHARP- Self-aware, Humble, Appreciative, Respectful and Persistent.

PROFECTUS will offer a well-rounded, K-12 single-gender program for males and females that will hold itself and its students accountable for meeting self-imposed goals, Common Core State Standards and all standards associated with preparing students for success in college.

 Statement of Impact

Our unique educational model is focused on educating students in high poverty/high minority neighborhoods where schools have been identified as underperforming.  Valor Academy of Leadership will provide families the choice of a gender-based college-bound program. The program will prepare K-12 students for high school graduation and college success. School culture will be focused on cultivating leadership skills so students can become leaders in their communities and develop character to equip students with the confidence needed to meet challenges faced throughout their lives.